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The preteen years are so important in the faith of students.  They are going through so many changes physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  Connersville feels strongly that we need to be intentional about how we shepherd this particular age group of students.  Something we love to include in a preteen's spiritual diet each year is a trip to SuperStart.  SuperStart is a high-energy, intentionally crafted weekend event for preteens to hear the gospel, learn Biblical truths, and be called to a life of Kingdom work. Kids in grades 4, 5, & 6 are eligible to attend. Registration begins in October.  This school year's conference will take place in Louisville on March 8 and 9th. If you think your child wants to go and you'd like a reminder to sign up come October, fill out the quick form below. This is one weekend your preteens will NOT want to miss!  


Through the Gospel story, preteens will learn that because of Jesus, everyone can be a Kingdom Worker, and they can use everything - all their talents, big or small - for Kingdom work, Everywhere they go.  

Simply fill out this form, and your preteen's name will be added to the list of kids going to SuperStart in March! At this time, any new registrant must pay the full registration fee of $60 by February 1st.  Select the Giving tab on this website, being sure to click the SuperStart option, to submit your payment. 

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We will drive to Louisville after school on Friday, spend the night in a hotel near the venue (Northeast Christian Church), and return home around suppertime on Saturday evening.  Built into the conference programming is recreation time for groups to go off-site and have fun and play together! 

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