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We believe it's important to provide the greatest care for your child in our clean, safe, and nurturing environment.  After checking in, you can expect your baby to enjoy hearing a Bible story, listening to worship music, playing with the other children, and maybe even doing an age-appropriate craft! 

Once babies have developmentally outgrown the nursery room (generally around 18 months), they can move up to the Toddler Worship room.  This environment serves as a transition to Wee Worship (a.k.a the preschool barn) when they're potty trained and more mature (generally sometime between the age of 3 and 4).  In the toddler room there is still a lot of play time, but we work hard to gather the children to sit and listen to a short Bible story and have a more directed, yet age appropriate, song, activity, and craft time.  

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